Pre-announcement: Research call on AMR interventions

We are pleased to pre‐announce the transnational call Interventions moving forward to promote action to counteract the emergence and spread of bacterial and fungal resistance and to improve treatments.

The primary aim of the call is to take action against the growing global threat of increased spread of antimicrobial (antibacterial and antifungal) resistance by funding international collaborative research projects aiming to improve, compare and evaluate the effectiveness, cost effectiveness, and uptake of existing interventions against bacterial or fungal infections and/or to design new interventions against fungal infections.

The call involves 21 funding organisations from 19 different countries and has an estimated total call budget of over 19 million Euro.

The call opens on January 10, 2024.

Read more on the call page.

New projects in the area of diagnostics and surveillance

Seventeen projects involving 93 partners from 23 different countries have been recommended for funding within the JPIAMR 16th transnational call: Development of innovative strategies, tools, technologies, and methods for diagnostics and surveillance of antimicrobial resistance. The call was within the framework of the ERA‐NET JPIAMRACTION and the total requested funding amount is 20,8 M€.

The projects aim to address unmet needs in the AMR diagnostics and surveillance sectors beyond the current state of the art, by focusing on the two topics of the call:

  • To develop novel, or improve existing, diagnostics, including point of care diagnostics, that can rule out antimicrobial use or help identify the most effective antimicrobial treatment.
  • To develop or improve existing strategies, technologies or methods, or data use strategies to support One Health AMR surveillance.

Read more about the projects

SRIA of the European Partnership on One Health AMR

The preparation for the future European Partnership on One Health AMR (OH AMR) is progressing and the first draft of the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) has now been published. The SRIA will guide the activities of the OH AMR partnership, a co-funded research and innovation (R&I) partnership expected to start 2025 under the Horizon Europe R&I framework programme. The partnership will coordinate and boost AMR R&I in an interdisciplinary One Health approach, contributing to advanced knowledge, innovative solutions and policy to reduce the burden of AMR.

A detailed description of each Research and Innovation objective of the SRIA is also available in a seperate document.

The SRIA and the R&I objectives have been developed by the CSA DESIGN OH AMR together with the JPIAMR Scientific Advisory Board and other experts, through a series of consultations with member states and stakeholders.

The current SRIA should be considered as a preliminary draft and will be subjected to several consultations before it is adopted by the OH AMR partners by the start of the Partnership in 2025.

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EU Council recommendation on stepping up actions to combat AMR 

The European Commission has adopted a proposal for a Council Recommendation on stepping up EU actions to combat antimicrobial resistance in a One Health approach, in which the future European partnership on One Health AMR (OH AMR) is highlighted. This proposal extends and complements the 2017 EU One Health Action Plan against AMR in all three dimensions of the One Health spectrum in order to maximize synergies and attain a strong and effective response against AMR across the EU. 

The research and Innovation angle is reflected throughout the Council Recommendation. The proposal invites the Member States to strengthen support to R&D:

“The Council welcomes the Commission’s intention to and Member States are invited to: Support research and technological innovation for the detection, prevention and treatment of infections in humans caused by antimicrobial resistant pathogens, including the establishment of and significant investment in a European partnership to allow coordination, alignment and funding of cross-sectorial research and innovation on “One Health AMR

It also call Member States to contributing to the efforts in tackling infectious diseases and AMR in low and middle-income countries, such as through the Global Health EDCTP3 JU.

The key objectives of this proposal for a Council Recommendation are:

  • strengthen One Health national action plans on AMR
  • reinforce surveillance and monitoring of AMR and antimicrobial consumption
  • strengthen infection prevention and control
  • strengthen antimicrobial stewardship and prudent use of antimicrobials
  • recommend targets for AMR and antimicrobial consumption in human health
  • improve awareness, education and training
  • foster research & development, and incentives for innovation and access to antimicrobials and other AMR medical countermeasures
  • increase cooperation
  • enhance global actions
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The 33rd European Congress of Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases, ECCMID, will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark, on 15-18 April 2023.

JPIAMR is co-organising the session Developing your funding application: from drug discovery to drug development on 16 April at 12:15-13:15 CEST.


12:15 – Marc Lemonnier (Labege, France)

12:20 – JPIAMR funding calls and funding for academic research, Laura Marin (JPIAMR)

12:30 – Translating your research, Philip Packer (Innovate UK)

12:40 – Funding your innovation, Ursula Theuretzbacher (Center for Anti-Infective Agents, Austria)

12:50 – Q&A

13:15 – Wrap-up & End of session

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JPIAMR Activity Report 2022

The JPIAMR activity report now published summarises the achievements of JPIAMR and the major events conducted in the year 2022, including:

  • Multiple consultations, expert groups, webinars and workshops to identify, in an inclusive mode, the future directions and research priorities to be addressed for the future OH AMR partnership.
  • Awarding 13 research projects and 6 networks.

Download the JPIAMR Activity Report 2022 (updated 2023-02-23, pdf 1 MB)

Call picture for JPIAMR Diagnostics and Surveillance call 2023

Research call on AMR Diagnostics and surveillance now open

The call Development of innovative strategies, tools, technologies, and methods for diagnostics and surveillance of antimicrobial resistance is now open. 

This call aims to fund research projects developing novel or improving existing strategies, tools, technologies and methods for diagnosis and/or One Health AMR surveillance. It involves 22 funding organisations from 18 countries and has a total estimated call budget of 18,8 M€.

Partners working in eligible Least Developed Countries (LDCs) in in sub-Saharan Africa can be funded by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida).

The call will follow a two-step evaluation procedure and the deadline for pre-proposals is 7 March 2022. The full call text and the link to the online submission platform can be found on the call page: 

Call page “AMR diagnostics and surveillance 2023”

Webinar for applicants

A live webinar for applicants will be organised on the 24th of January 2023. This webinar will present the call and the partner search tool. Representatives from funders participating in the call will answer questions live.

Registration page Webinar for applicants

Online Consultation: Research and Innovation Objectives for the OH AMR Partnership

The One Health Antimicrobial Resistance partnership (OH AMR) has been identified by the European Commission as one of the European Partnerships of Horizon Europe. Currently, the Research and Innovation Objectives of OH AMR are under preparation, and we now invite researchers, stakeholders, scientists, policymakers, clinicians, patient groups, AMR-related organisations, and others to provide feedback on the elements included in the Research and Innovations Objectives.

Please activate the online survey for this purpose here: Survey: OH AMR Research and Innovation Objectives

The consultation is open until 16 January 2023.

The online consultation outcome will guide the development of the final Research and Innovations Objectives, which will be included in the OH AMR Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda.

The Research and Innovation Objectives have been developed through a number of consultations during 2022. The latest version of the document can be found here: Research and Innovation Objectives of the OH AMR Partnership (pdf, 1 MB)

For questions regarding the consultation, please contact

About the OH AMR Partnership

In the research framework of Horizon Europe and collaboration with the member states, the European Commission has identified 49 new European Partnerships, one of which is the “One Health Antimicrobial Resistance Partnership.” 

The future One Health AMR (OH AMR) Partnership will be a joint research program co-funded by the European Commission and EU member states. The OH AMR Partnership aims to coordinate and align AMR activities and funding between countries and the European level. With a mix of EU and national public R&I funding, the OH AMR partnership will develop joint calls and activities to address the objectives of the European One Health Action Plan against AMR and the WHO Global Action Plan on AMR to reduce the burden of AMR.

For more information about the OH AMR Partnership, visit

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Six new networks in the area of diagnostics and surveillance

Six networks have been recommended for funding within the JPIAMR 15th transnational call: Diagnostics and Surveillance Networks. The networks include 228 partners from 40 countries and the total funding amount is 300 000 € plus up to 100 000 € fort start-up and final joint workshops.

The networks assemble leading experts and stakeholders with an intent to facilitate the development, optimisation and use of diagnostic and surveillance tools, technologies and systems.

For the first time, a network focussed on antifungal resistance has been included.

Learn more about the networks

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New projects in the area of therapeutics

Thirteen projects involving 72 partners from 15 different countries have been recommended for funding within the JPIAMR 14th transnational call: Disrupting drug Resistance Using Innovative Design. The call was within the framework of the ERA‐NET JPIAMRACTION and the total funding amount is 15,4 M€.

The projects aim to improve the treatment of bacterial and fungal infections (including co-infection) and/or the prevention of the emergence/spread of resistance in humans, animals or plants through the improvement of the efficacy, specificity, delivery, combinations and/or repurposing of drugs and plant protection agents.

Learn more about the projects