Changes relating to your grant

If an extension of the tenure of the research project or network is desired, or if there is a change of affiliation of any partner involved in the research project or network (for e.g. change of organisation, change of coordinator/partner), you can request a change to your grant by submitting the JPIAMR research project change request form to the Post Award Secretariat (PAS) at

General procedure for approval of changes of projects

It is the policy of JPIAMR to try to accommodate necessary changes to the research project’s partners, work plan or time plan if requested by the consortium.

  • The consortium should inform themselves of national/regional regulation and guidelines for changes of projects by contacting their national contact point/Funding Partner Organisation (FPO).
  • The consortium submits the change request form, signed by the coordinator, to the PAS. Preferably, the request should be received at least two months before the date of the requested change.
  • The PAS updates FPOs involved in the project and the JPIAMR secretariat that a modification request has been submitted.
  • The PAS proposes a change of project to the FPOs involved in the project and obtains their decision.
  • The PAS informs the coordinator and the FPOs of the outcome, and advises the coordinator to proceed the request nationally.
  • The PAS informs the FPOs and JPIAMR secretariat of approved changes of the projects.
  • The Funded Consortium updates the Project Consortium Agreement and work plan with the approved changes.

No-cost extensions

A no-cost extension of the project or network can be approved if circumstances beyond your control have prevented you from conducting your research and thereby hindered implementation of the project.

It is JPIAMR policy to facilitate a national FPO decision of a no-cost extension to a grant supporting a JPIAMR research project or network beyond the initial project period (normally 36 months). If approved by all the funders involved in the project or network, the JPIAMR project time frame is considered extended for all consortium partners including mutual responsibilities of reporting to the JPIAMR. Please use the change request form.

Please note: You must clearly state the reason for needing a no-cost extension. You must also state how long you, as the project leader (or other crucial project participants) expect to be absent. The request for an extension must be submitted during the final year of the availability period, and in good time before the end of the availability period.

Change of workplan, coordinator, partner or affiliation in a research consortium

A change of workplan of the project or network can be approved if circumstances beyond your control have prevented it to run according to plan.

Your grant is paid to the administrating organisation, which is also the entity that employs you. Therefore, if you change to a different administrating organisation (for example, if you change employers), you need to submit the change request form.

If, as project or network coordinator, you are no longer able to manage the project, you may apply for a new project leader to take over. This also applies to changes of partners within the consortium.

Any change of workplan, coordinator, partner or affiliation in a research consortium must be approved by the FPO funding that partner. Changes must also be approved by the members of the consortium according to the decision rules of the Project Consortium Agreement. A letter of approval from the involved institutions should be included.