The JPIAMR Secretariat is responsible for the day-to-day management of JPIAMR. It ensures the necessary logistical coordination and communication among all JPIAMR activities and boards as well as manages all administrative and financial matters. The secretariat provides leadership in engaging with key stakeholders and international players, and prepares the necessary budgetary arrangements to run the management structure.The JPIAMR secretariat is hosted by the Swedish Research Council in Stockholm, Sweden.

Please use the common secretariat email address for contact with any of the secretariat staff:

JPIAMR Secretariat staff

  • Laura Marin, Head of Secretariat
  • Anders Bjers, Communications Officer
  • Ulrica Dohnhammar, Senior Research Officer (leave of absence until summer 2023)
  • Patriq Fagerstedt, Senior Research Officer
  • Susanne Frykman, Senior Research Officer
  • Elisabeth Hedström, Senior Analyst
  • Shawon Lahiri, Senior Analyst
  • Mikaela Laine, Financial Officer
  • Anna Sundin, Web Officer/Administrative Officer