Strategy and implementation

JPIAMR coordinate activities in scientific, strategic and policy areas that are identified and addressed through its Strategic Framework and Implementation Plan highlighting JPIAMRs mission and key objectives.

JPIAMR conduct activities in the six key priority topics within the AMR field – Therapeutics, Diagnostics, Surveillance, Transmission, Environment and Interventions – outlined in the JPIAMR Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA). In addition to this, other strategic and policy areas of action have been identified and addressed in the JPIAMR Implementation Plan 2021-23.

The One Health SRIA provides a framework for the JPIAMR Roadmap of Actions 2019-2024 that guides joint investments, transnational actions of the JPIAMR as well as to serve as an information resource for other strategic initiatives to support coordination and synergetic actions. The Roadmap defines future JPIAMR research calls, network calls, strategic workshops and JPIAMR-VRI activities.

A general strategic framework regarding JPIAMR mission and key objectives is described in the JPIAMR Long Term Strategy 2020-2025.

JPIAMR have a range of tools to solve the challenges outlined in the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda as well as at the Long Term Strategy.

The JPIAMR Implementation Plan 2021-23 covers both the implementation Roadmap of the Strategic Research Agenda priority topics and of the supporting strategic actions.