Workshop: Environmental Dimensions of AMR

Full focus on the impact of environment on AMR when a global group of scientist collaborated during two intense days. Themes discussed: Evolution, Transmission and Interventions. The purpose of the workshop was to explore and identify critical research needs that relate to the environmental dimensions of AMR, both in the longer term for providing input to an updated JPIAMR Strategic Research Agenda, but also in the shorter term to provide guidance for specific calls. Creating more insights on  what role environment plays for antibiotic resistance. We can not exclude the importance of environmental dimensions from the complex context of AMR.

Please, find an article about the report of the outcomes from the workshop.

The workshop in Gothenburg was hosted together with CARe – Centre for Antibiotic Resistance Research at University of Gothenburg.

We made a few interviews during the workshop, please view the videos below.

We say thank you to all of you who participated!