Report: JPIAMR Workshop on Environmental Dimensions of AMR

Nov 23rd, 2017

The workshop, initiated by JPIAMR and the Swedish Research Council, was led by Professor Joakim Larsson at the University of Gothenburg. Over 20 scientists with core expertise on the Environmental Dimensions of Antibiotic Resistance, met in Gothenburg, Sweden, to discuss the steps needed to create a JPIAMR roadmap for research on AMR within the environment. The steps discussed may contribute to the initiated update of the Environment section of the JPIAMR Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) and a potential upcoming research calls with a focus on the environmental dimensions of AMR.

There is an article about the workshop here, we have also included interviews with a few participants.

For the full report please use link, below.

Download here: JPIAMR workshop on Environmental dimensions of AMR Gothenburg Sweden 2017