South Korea New Member of JPIAMR

JPIAMR Evolves as Global Collaborative Platform on Antimicrobial Resistance.

On February 26, 2018, South Korea was accepted as full member of the Joint Programming Initiative on Antimicrobial Resistance (JPIAMR). Now, 27 countries are members of the global collaborative platform and engaged in the mission to harness antimicrobial resistance (AMR).

“AMR is a serious social issue in Korea. Hospitals, farms and fisheries are all under siege. While much investment is being made domestically, our scientists and policy makers also realize the need for global cooperation in fighting AMR. We at the National Research Foundation of Korea thus regard joining JPIAMR a momentous event. We look forward to sharing knowledge and experience of all participating nations and contributing to this must-win struggle”, says Jaesang Kim, National Research Foundation of South Korea.

”Antimicrobial Resistance is a global threat today that must be acted on with a one health approach and seamless global collaboration. We are delighted to expand the platform to include South Korea as a full member of JPIAMR”, says Carlos Segovia, Chair of the JPIAMR Management Board.

Several key organisations and reports point to JPIAMR as an initiative to support. JPIAMR continues to grow with countries that choose to come together as members; sharing resources, strategic research agendas, funding and more. An increasing number of countries want to be part of transnational research calls. South Koreas membership shows that JPIAMR is a trusted platform for countries that share the mission to harness AMR on a global scale.

JPIAMR coordinates research programmes, funding and supports collaborative action for filling knowledge gaps on AMR with a one health approach. Today, more than half of G20 nations are members of JPIAMR. More than 300 research groups have received funding from JPIAMR. Since its launch in 2011, JPIAMR has coordinated an overall budget of 65 million Euros. The JPIAMR Secretariat is hosted by the Swedish Research Council.

Please download press release here: Press Release_South Korea joins JPIAMR as full member 180226_FINAL

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Pre-announcement of 6th Call – New Targets, Compounds and Tools

We are pleased to pre-announce the 6th Joint Call for transnational research projects “New Targets, Compounds and Tools”. To date fifteen countries are participating with a total budget of approximately 13 million Euros. The launch of the 6th Call will be in January, 2018.

This year the WHO published the Global priority pathogen list of antibiotic-resistant bacteria to guide research, discovery, and development of new antibiotics (PPL). The 6th joint call for proposals addresses this list, with the aim to discover new targets, compounds, or new tools with the potential to help controlling infections by drug-resistant bacteria identified by the WHO as priority pathogens (including multi- and extensively drug-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis). Projects considered for funding will involve fundamental and/or translational One Health research, with the exception of clinical trials.

Participating countries and eligibility

Consortia of eligible scientists from Belgium (FWO), Czech Republic, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Norway, Poland, Spain (MINECO/ ISCIII), Sweden and Switzerland may apply for funding in this call.* Consortia must include a minimum of three eligible partners from at least three different countries participating in the call, and a maximum of 6 project partners (or 7 if a partner from Czech Republic, Latvia or Poland is included).

* List is provisional – additional countries may join. Final eligibility conditions will be published when call opens.

Read more about the 6th Call on the page about the call.

Download: PRESS RELEASE JPIAMR 6th Joint Call


For inquiries about the pre-announcement of the 6th Joint Call, please contact:

Martine Batoux, ANR.


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Press release: The fifth JPIAMR Joint Call Results

We are pleased to announce the results of the JPIAMR 2017 call for transnational research projects “Comparison of prevention, control and intervention strategies for AMR infections through multidisciplinary studies, including One Health approaches”. Within this funding opportunity over EUR 11.5 million have been awarded to 10 projects. Consortia include 47 funded research groups from 11 countries (Canada, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Latvia, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Sweden and Switzerland), and an additional 6 international partners (Czech Republic, Israel, Romania and the USA).

Projects funded in this call have covered topics including One Health interventions for infection control in humans and livestock, transmission to the food chain, and antimicrobial stewardship.

The call was launched in January 2017 by 16 research funding organisations from 15 countries, and attracted 51 consortia applying for nearly EUR 57 million in total, resulting in a success rate of 19.6%.

The final funding decision will depend on national regulations and inspection of the formal proposals by the national funding organisations. Each national funding agency will take a formal decision on the projects to be supported.

Please, download files to view each project awarded with funding.

Download: Results of 5th Call – Table Funded Projects FINAL

Download: Project Summaries for 5th JPIAMR Call



For inquiries regarding the 5th Joint Call, please contact:

Malwina Gębalska

JPIAMR 2017 Call Secretariat

National Science Centre

Telephone: +48 519 404 997

Jerzy Frączek

JPIAMR 2017 Call Secretariat

National Science Centre

Telephone: +48 12 341 9165

For general media inquiries, please contact:

Anders Bjers, Communications Officer JPIAMR.

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Press release: Statement for the Call to Action on AMR in Berlin, October 12-13 2017

At the Call to Action in Berlin on October 12-13, the JPIAMR will commit to several new initiatives and actions for 2018.

  1. Research is a crucial tool to address AMR, therefore, we commit to launch three joint research calls with a preliminary budget of 15M€. We will focus our efforts on projects to identify new targets addressing the WHO pathogens priority list, Surveillance, and we will build on our recent success and support Research Networks across international borders.
  2. Resistant bacteria do not respect any international borders and as globalisation and AMR increases we firmly believe international research efforts across borders should also. In response to this growing challenge the JPIAMR will launch a ground breaking AMR Virtual Research Institute. A dynamic network of AMR research facilities and groups to provide a global platform for scientific collaboration and build research capacity.
  3. AMR is a complex challenge and as our understanding grows, we need to be adaptive and responsive. As a result, the JPIAMR commit to increasing activities to prioritise research within the Strategic Research Agenda. JPIAMR is also committing to do several mappings of AMR research funding and update the existing data. Together with creating a database of AMR research projects. Also, to map AMR research centres and research infrastructures. We are aiming to have all this information available in a database in 2018/19.

This Call to Action needs to truly embrace the complexity and challenge of AMR. We need to work together on the many dimensions of AMR simultaneously. That is why JPIAMR is one of the key organisations to support and become a member of, in order to harness antimicrobial resistance in time, for mankind”, says Dr. Carlos Segovia, Chairman JPIAMR.

The impact of JPIAMR since its inception is fundamental. I see the Virtual Research Institute as another stellar creation facilitated by JPIAMR and the dynamic research context is unique for the work to harness AMR.”, says Dr. Marc Ouellette, Member of the Board JPIAMR.

The JPIAMR calls on all Nation States to join the organisation. We also ask existing Member States to build on the progress made and continue to invest in high quality research, across international borders with the One Health multidimensional approach. Together – we create progress.

Download: PRESS RELEASE JPIAMR Statement A Call To Action Berlin 13 October 2017.

JPIAMR: Facts and Contacts
Since 2013, the JPIAMR, Joint Project Initiative on AMR, has funded more than 45 research projects and/or networks with more than 300 partners, across multiple countries and disciplines. JPIAMR has coordinated investments of €60m to advance knowledge in areas such as: Discovery of new therapies, transmission dynamics of AMR in humans, animals and the environment, new surveillance methods and interventions to reduce the impact of AMR. JPIAMR is gaining momentum as a global co-ordinating capacity and leading research organisation on AMR.

With four new Member States joining since September 2016 alone, JPIAMR clearly creates substantial values for its members and researchers alike. To date, 26 Nations are full members and the organisation is growing, adding new member continuously to the now global organisation.

For inquiries at the Call to Action in Berlin, October 12-13. Please contact:

Laura Marin, General Manager JPIAMR.

Telephone: +46 8 546 44 119


For other press inquiries, please contact:

Anders Bjers, Communications Officer JPIAMR.

Telephone: +46 8 546 44 068