Trailer – Overview of AMR science policy and funding

JPIAMRs Laura Marin presents the article published in the journal Trends in Microbiology on AMR, science policy, innovation, public health and funding. The article summarises the many recent AMR projects (JPIAMR, TATFAR, CARB-X, GARDP, ND4BB , G7/ G20 Health Ministers, and more) and is a good general reference and entry to the AMR community. The article is co-authored by Arjon Van Hengel (Directorate-General for Research & Innovation, European Commission) and Laura Marin (JPIAMR).


One Health in Focus when EU-JAMRAI Interviews JPIAMRs Laura Marin

In the latest newsletter form EU-JAMRAI, Laura Marin, JPIAMRs Head of Secretariat, is interviewed. The topic is international AMR initiatives and the need of a One Health Approach.

This fits well with JPIAMR’s focus. Our Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda is based on a One Health approach, and the initiatives created by JPIAMR is often centered on global collaboration and coordinating public AMR funding.

The interview was made earlier this year at ECCMID in Spain.