Joint Programming Initiative on Antimicrobial Resistance

JPIAMR Virtual Research Institute

The Joint Programming Initiative on Antimicrobial resistance (JPIAMR) is establishing a Virtual Research Institute on antimicrobial resistance (the JPIAMR-VRI). A virtual platform that will increase coordination, improve visibility of the AMR research networks, research performing institutes/centres and infrastructures, and facilitate knowledge exchange and capacity development across the globe, covering the full One Health spectrum.


The JPIAMR-VRI is an entity under the JPIAMR that requires a suitable governance structure to guide its activities. The governance of the JPIAMR-VRI lies with the JPIAMR Management Board, led by the JPIAMR-VRI Working Group (WG) lead by Canada and supported by the JPIAMR Secretariat.

The JPIAMR Scientific Advisory Board and JPIAMR Steering Committee ensure oversight of positioning and alignment with the JPIAMR SRIA and the roadmap of actions for 2018-2024.

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Why a Virtual Research Institute on AMR?

The JPIAMR-VRI Key Principles

Added value and benefits

AMR Research Capacities

The First Funded Networks