JPIAMR-VRI Digital Platform

The JPIAMR-VRI (Virtual Research Institute) Digital Platform is a free access point for the entire AMR community to facilitate knowledge exchange and data sharing of antimicrobial resistance research data across the globe.

The Digital Platform integrates relevant AMR-related data sources with more than 140 different public data sources already available in the DISQOVER platform provided by ONTOFORCE. This will help the user analyse, integrate and extract AMR data more efficiently to bring simplicity to complex datasets.

One can explore the multiple integrated data sources in the digital platform to find:

  • the possible targets to an antibiotic molecule of choice.
  • chemical information on antibiotics and its related biological assay data.
  • determinants of antibiotic resistance and antibiotic resistance phenotypes.
  • resistance mechanisms of organisms.
  • resistance genes/plasmids and their sequence data information.
  • AMR monitoring data of pathogenic bacteria isolated from diseased animals.
  • clinical studies, patents, and publications.
  • key opinion leaders in the field of AMR research.
  • research organisations and academic institutions involved in AMR research all around the world.

Explore the Digital Platform

To access the JPIAMR-VRI Platform you need to create a free account.

Please provide your feedback to on the entire experience of using the platform and what other AMR relevant datasets would you like to be included in the platform.

The platform was launched at a live webinar 9 June 2021. The webinar combined short lectures on the concept of the development of the JPIAMR-VRI Digital Platform followed by a live demonstration of the platform. A panel discussion session on the value of interconnection and integration of various AMR databases concluded the webinar.

Watch the recorded webinar on the JPIAMR YouTube channel

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