Workshop ‘Identifying the Pathway to Diagnostic Development’ on 11 May 2015, London, read here

Apr 27th, 2015

A lot of diagnostic equipment has been developed but not much of it actually makes it to the market. On 11 May 2015 in London, the Medical Research Council UK on behalf of JPIAMR, is hosting the workshop ‘Identifying the Pathway to Diagnostic Development’ to look at the route from bench to market of diagnostic development. The aim is to develop a step-by-step process, a sort of guideline, for how this process can be achieved. With both the European Commission and President Obama awarding prizes in the millions for developing diagnostic equipment, which can detect antibiotic resistance, this topic is high on the agenda. The money is there, but the route for making it happen is not clear. Researchers from a wide range of disciplines, health care providers and professionals, industry, national and international policy makers and legislators have been invited to define and agree on a best practice process.  

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