Working to Improve Surveillance – The call is now open!

May 2nd, 2018

The overarching goal of JPIAMR research on Surveillance is to standardise, improve and extend surveillance systems on antibiotic use and on AMR in humans, animals, food, and the larger environment. In the network call that opens today, JPIAMR will support leading scientists and experts in the field of AMR surveillance to establish networks to enhance resource alignment and maximise existing and future efforts to combat AMR.

Surveillance networks are essential to monitor the threat of AMR and guide public health policy. In order to understand antibiotic resistance, we must understand whether resistance genes are highly mobile and whether dominant pathogenic clones spread resistance globally. However, countries have different levels and methods of surveillance and many lack national reporting systems leading to major gaps in AMR surveillance and an urgent need to strengthen collaboration on global AMR surveillance.

In partnership with ten member countries; Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom, JPIAMR is launching the seventh joint call for transnational networks. The total budget of the call is approximately € 1.1 million.

Applicants are invited to form JPIAMR networks that are expected to provide white papers, prospective views, guidelines and/or best practice/roadmap/systematic reviews and frameworks to identify key questions to be addressed or identify potential solutions to overcome barriers for AMR surveillance and the implementation of surveillance research studies.

In this network call up to 21 networks will be funded with up to € 50 000 each to maximise existing and future efforts to combat AMR by pushing forward new ideas in AMR surveillance. Note that JPIAMR networks calls do not fund research projects.

More information on the 7th call – 2018 Network Call on Surveillance, can be found at the call webpage:

Download the 7th call folder.