The Longitude Prize starts its first assessment round

Jun 1st, 2015

The first assessment window to win the Longitude Prize closed on 31 May 2015 and the judging panel will now begin assessing the first round of entries. The Longitude Prize is a £10m prize fund that will reward a competitor that can develop a  point–of–care diagnostic test that will conserve antibiotics for future generations and revolutionise the delivery of global healthcare. The test must be accurate, rapid, affordable, easy–to–use and available to anyone, anywhere in the world. It will identify when antibiotics are needed and, if they are, which ones to use.

The judging panel will decide which among the submitted diagnostic prototypes will go on for further testing. If an entry passes the testing phase, it will then go to the Longitude Committee, which will decide whether you are the winner of this historic prize.

The Longitude Prize opens a second round of submissions in four months time. If you have a diagnostics prototype for detecting infectious disease and would like to apply in the next round, find more information here