Startup Workshop for Funded Networks

Jan 24th, 2019

A startup workshop will be taking place in the Netherlands on February 19-20 to kickoff activities for all Networks from the two Transnational Network calls launched by JPIAMR in 2018: JPIAMR Network Call on Surveillance and
JPIAMR-VRI Network Call 2018

Workshop Objectives

The workshop aims to explore opportunities for future research collaborations, synergies and partnerships both between applicants and with external partner, between networks within each call, and between calls if appropriate. In addition to this, the workshop aims to create an overview of network activities within the funding period to enhance alignment and coordination, and support communication of network outputs by the JPIAMR.

Eighteen networks (ten in surveillance and eight in JPIAMR-VRI) have been funded with approximately €50,000 to enhance resource alignment and efforts in the field of AMR surveillance and to help build the JPIAMR-VRI. Two of the funded networks in each of the calls received additional funding to coordinate this start-up meeting. A final workshop is also planned for April 2020.