ISCIII is the main funding agency for health research, especially for translational and clinical research. ISCIII programmes include funding for projects, research networks (based on public hospitals, public health institutions and public research institutions), thematic research foundations and human resources. MINECO is the main funding organization for basic and applied research in several related disciplines including Biomedicine, Molecular Biology, Life Sciences, Biotechnology, and Agriculture.

ISCIII participates as partner in the Coordination Action for the JPIAMR while MINECO has declared a participation ‘in-kind’ in this initiative. ISCIII will also contribute to the organization of conferences. ISCIII participates in several JPIs in the health field, including Neurodegenerative Diseases (with CDTI), ISCIII and MINECO participates in Healthy Diet for a Healthy Life, More Years Better Lives and Antimicrobial Resistance. MINECO is coordinating the JPI Water Challenges for a Changing World.

Both Institutions are also actively involved in ERA-NETs related to Health, such as NEURON-II and “Infect-ERA”, which continues previous work in the thematic of Pathogenesis developed by the ERA-NET “Pathogenomics”. ISCIII also participates in E-RARE-2, EuroNanoMed-II, Transcan, ERAsys APP, as well as in TFEU art 185 EDTCP. ISCIII participates in TFEU art 185 AAL (with MINETUR). ISCIII participates in the preparatory phase of five European Infrastructures BBMRI, ECRIN, EATRIS, ELIXIR and ERINHA, having signed for full membership of EATIRS-ERIC and ECRIN-ERIC already. ISCIII also coordinates the project “JPIs To Co-Work” and the project “EU-LAC Health”.

National AMR research program and activities

AMR Research program

• Call for RDI Projects ”Research Challenges” 2018 (AEI)
• Call for RDI Projects ”Research Challenges” 2019 (AEI)
• Call 2018 for grants Health Research and Development Strategy (ISCIII)
• Call 2019 for grants Health Research and Development Strategy (ISCIII)
• Call 2020 for grants Health Research and Development Strategy (ISCIII)

National AMR research calls

• No specific AMR research calls except for JPI-EC-AMR calls (ISCIII participated in all calls launched till now)
• National calls are bottom-up calls on life sciences (AEI) and Health Research (ISCIII)

Activities on AMR actions at national level

Surveillance Network for Resistant Microorganisms; December 2019
Conference on the development of Antibiotic Resistance; March 2018
Workshop on the Control of Antibiotics Use and Surveillance of Clinical Pathogens in Veterinary in Europe – Madrid 29-30 October 2018
Awareness Day for Rational Use of Antibiotics; November 2018
1st Event of the Association for the Discovery of New Antibiotics in Spain (AD-ES); April 2018
• Knowledge sharing platform for researchers on AMR and antibiotics: Link to register:


National action plans

National Plan for Antimicrobial Resistance (2019-2021)
Strategic Action Plan to reduce the risk selection and dissemination of antibiotic resistance (Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality, Spanish Agency of Medicines and Medical Devices, 2014)


Management Board representatives

  • Ignacio Baanante, Instituto de Salud Carlos III
  • Estrella Fernandéz, Mineco