Save the date: Transmission Dynamics Call for Proposals to Open in January 2016

Jul 23rd, 2015

This ERAnet Cofund call, JPI-EC-AMR, with over 20 participating countries will open in January 2016 and will support multidisciplinary research networks to conduct collaborative and complementary studies that will unravel the complex dynamics of selection and transmission of antimicrobial resistance to understand the mechanisms that contribute to the spread of resistance.

JPIAMR is dedicated to ‘One Health’ where multiple disciplines work together to identify and characterise the determinants that contribute to the spread of resistance in and between different reservoirs; including animals, the environment, and people. Investigating the complex biology and epidemiology of selection and transmission of resistance is crucial in order to design preventive measures to address this public health threat.

To unravel the dynamics of transmission and selection of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) at genetic, bacterial, animal, human, societal, and environmental levels, in order to design and evaluate preventive and intervening measures for controlling resistance.