BEAM Alliance



Research Network: 2017-01-01 - 2017-12-31
Total sum awarded: €50 000

The growing risk of multi-drug resistant bacteria is a global public health crisis recognized by many governments; therefore, to combat the spread of resistant-bacteria and superbugs, new antibiotics, or alternative therapies must be developed. However, the financial attraction for R&D investment from large pharmaceutical companies is lacking, therefore, innovation in this therapeutic area is predominantly steered by small and medium pharma companies. To tackle the obstacle that superbugs present to society expeditiously, new policies and R&D incentives are needed to stimulate development in the EU. As an answer to this urgent need, we have formed the BEAM Alliance. The BEAM Alliance represents 50 European biopharmaceutical companies (small and medium size (SME)) from 12 European countries involved in developing innovative products to combat antimicrobial resistance in humans and beyond. The Working Group objective is to produce a new position paper regarding establishment of economic incentives in order to better sustain the innovation efforts of small and medium biopharmaceutical companies. The Working Group will collaborate with the existing community of stakeholders dedicated to implementing tangible strategies, including the EC DG SANTE, the UK AMR Review, WHO and the DRIVE-AB consortium. The BEAM Alliance Working Group should thus allow for expression of a unique and unprecedented opinion from the European SMEs perspective.

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  • Florence Séjourné, DaVolterra, France (Coordinator)
  • Morten Sommer, AntibioTx ApS, Denmark (Observer)
  • René Russo, Arsanis Biosciences GmbH, Austria (Observer)
  • Neil Miller, Auspherix, United Kingdom (Observer)
  • Maek E. Jones, Basilea Pharmaceutica International Ltd., Switzerland (Observer)
  • Thierry Bernardi, BioFilm Pharma, France (Observer)
  • Marc Gitzinger, BioVersys AG, Switzerland (Observer)
  • Thomas Kapsner, Biovertis, Austria (Observer)
  • David Cook, Blueberry Therapeutics, United Kingdom (Observer)
  • Mike Dawson, Cantab Anti-infectives, United Kingdom (Observer)
  • Dominique Le Beller, Deinobiotics, France (Observer)
  • Domingo Gargallo-Viola, ABAC Therapeutics, Spain (Observer)
  • Bill Love, Destiny Pharma, Ltd., United Kingdom (Observer)
  • David Williams, Discuva, United Kingdom (Observer)
  • Xavier Duportet, Eligo Bioscience, France (Observer)
  • Lloyd Payne, Evotec, United Kingdom (Observer)
  • Stefan Fischer, FAB Pharma, France (Observer)
  • Sir Anthony Coates, Helperby, United Kingdom (Observer)
  • Blaz Petric, IMMT, Slovenia (Observer)
  • Anders Larsson, Immunsystem AB, Sweden (Observer)
  • Alec Mclean, Lamellar Biomedical, United Kingdom (Observer)
  • Hervé Affagard, Maat Pharma, France (Observer)
  • Lloyd Czaplewski, Abgentis, United Kingdom (Observer)
  • Miroslav Ravic, MGB Biopharma Limited, United Kingdom (Observer)
  • Séverine Burdel, Mutabilis SAS, France (Observer)
  • Stefano Donadio, NAICONS Srl, Italy (Observer)
  • Martti Vaara, Northern Antibiotics Ltd, Finland (Observer)
  • Philippe Villain-Guillot, Nosopharm, France (Observer)
  • Deborah A. O’Neil, Novabiotics Ltd, United Kingdom (Observer)
  • Thomas Pavie, OLMIX, France (Observer)
  • Jerome Gabard, Pherecydes Pharma, France (Observer)
  • Heather Fairhead, Phico Therapeutics, United Kingdom (Observer)
  • Michael Altorfer, Polyphor Ltd, Switzerland (Observer)
  • Fiona Marston, Absynth Biologics, United Kingdom (Observer)
  • Michael Mac Arthur, Procarta Biosystem, United Kingdom (Observer)
  • Neil Murray, Redx Pharma, United Kingdom (Observer)
  • Alessandro Pini, Setlance, Italy (Observer)
  • Jean-Christophe Sergere, Setubio, France (Observer)
  • Timo Koopmans, Synamp Pharmaceuticals, Netherlands (Observer)
  • Miguel Garcia, TechnoPhage SA, Portugal (Observer)
  • Maxime Fontanié, Vibiosphen, France (Observer)
  • Mark Offerhaus, Micreos, Netherlands (Observer)
  • Michael Hafner, Nabriva Therapeutics, Austria (Observer)
  • Mike Westby, Centauri Therapeutics, United Kingdom (Observer)
  • Edward Fang, Adenium Biotech, Denmark (Observer)
  • Andrew Shearer, Neem Biotech, United Kingdom (Observer)
  • Holger Schmoll, AiCuris Anti-infective Cures GmbH, Germany (Observer)
  • Philippe Bordeau, Alaxia, France (Observer)
  • Nicholas Benedict, Allecra, Germany (Observer)
  • Marc Lemonnier, Antabio SAS, France (Observer)