JPIAMR Network for Integrating Microbial Sequencing and Platforms for Antimicrobial Resistance (Seq4AMR)

Main Questions/Approach: How can we best identify and promote collaboration and implementation between AMR NGS stakeholders that link the individual fields of (new) NGS technologies, algorithms, quality standards, teaching/training and sequence databanks?

Ongoing project

Answer – By establishing an international and interdisciplinary OneHealth network of public and private experts to take the lead in identifying potential knowledge gaps and solutions. Further, by developing AMR NGS-dedicated quality and teaching/training materials. Finally, by promoting discussion and interactions between AMR NGS stakeholders and other working groups with cross-cutting priorities – including extensive use of JPIAMR VRI.

1) Promote active collaboration between interdisciplinary OneHealth AMR NGS stakeholders
2) Identify knowledge gaps and provide solutions to current/future AMR NGS issues
3) Formulate recommendations on quality and quality materials
4) Educate AMR NGS stakeholders via interdisciplinary-directed AMR NGS teaching/training materials

1) Dedicated website and access to network materials
2) Face-to-face network meetings and regular teleconferences (in collaboration with other relevant JPIAMR working groups)
3) Open access publications and collation of a Seq4AMR Strategic Roadmap
4) Dedicated interdisciplinary Seq4AMR webinar(s) and course(s)
5) Dedicated Seq4AMR workshop at a relevant international meeting
6) Promotion of Seq4AMR and JPIAMR during conferences.

Expected Results:
1) Establish new OneHealth AMR synergies between international and interdisciplinary experts for knowledge exchange, joint publications grant writing etc.
2) Identify current knowledge gaps and how to best fill these gaps
3) Formulate quality recommendations and access to materials
4) Develop new interdisciplinary AMR teaching/training/ materials
5) To publish a Seq4AMR Strategic Roadmap
6) To contribute and strengthen the activities of JPIAMR VRI


Network partners

  • John Hays, Erasmus MC University Medical Center, Netherlands (Coordinator)

This network includes 14 partners, please click on the following link to see complete network composition: Network composition JPIAMR Network for Integrating Microbial Sequencing and Platforms for Antimicrobial Resistance (Seq4AMR)