Nordic Ministers announce Declaration on Antimicrobial resistance through a One Health perspective

Sep 23rd, 2015

The Nordic Council of Ministers have agreed to take a joint stance against antibiotic resistance through increased regional co-operation.

The declaration will establish a Nordic “One Health” strategic group of senior officials that can support exchange of best practice and ensure an efficient use of the Nordic resources in the areas of antimicrobial resistance and use of antimicrobials. The strategic group will further elaborate on ways to use the Nordic collaboration to support the global processes and in doing so stressing the importance of:

  • National action plans which incorporate the “One Health” perspective.
  •  The need for effective hygiene, sanitation and prevention guidelines.
  • Support mechanisms that stimulate controlled and prudent use of antimicrobials.
  • Identification and elimination of economic incentives in all sectors that encourage inappropriate use of antimicrobial agents, and introduction of incentives to optimize use.
  • Improving awareness and understanding of antimicrobial resistance.
  • Surveillance of antimicrobial resistance and the use of antimicrobials in humans and animals.
  • The development of preventive measures and alternative means to the use of antimicrobials that may contribute to prudent use in humans and animals and reduction in antimicrobial resistance development.

Read the Declaration in English.