The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation has launched a call for ‘Novel Approaches to Characterizing and Tracking the Global Burden of Antimicrobial Resistance’.

The goal is to identify approaches that provide more robust and reliable evidence regarding the global scale, impact, and/or transmission dynamics of AMR, specifically as applicable to low- and middle-income settings. The call also seeks solutions that will provide an assessment of various drivers and the health impact of interventions on rates of resistance.

Because AMR is a complex problem with multiple interconnected drivers and our focus is on high mortality and data-poor geographies, these approaches will likely require new data streams and approaches (e.g. modeling) applied in a sufficiently robust way to lead to strategic guidance for decision-makers.

The call is soliciting innovative ideas for models, tools, analytics, surveillance platforms, technologies, and other high impact approaches to generating evidence about the burden and impact of antimicrobial resistance in low and middle income settings, and improving its translation into practice. In particular, transformative and innovative approaches which identify and fill knowledge and practice gaps currently limiting progress in AMR surveillance and epidemiology are of interest.

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