JPIAMR Networks start-up workshop

Apr 2nd, 2019

The JPIAMR launched two network calls in 2018, (1) Surveillance, and (2) Building the Foundation of the JPIAMR-Virtual Research Institute. Within the surveillance call ten networks were funded. Within the JPIAMR-VRI call, eight networks were funded.

On February 19-20, 2019, the coordinators of the funded Networks within both calls met in the Netherlands for the start-up workshop. The Networks discussed alignment and enhanced interactions. The JPIAMR-VRI Networks also worked on future incorporation into the JPIAMR-VRI, and the surveillance networks were introduced to the JPIAMR-VRI and considered whether further interaction within the JPIAMR-VRI could promote and enhance surveillance actions.

Coordinators discussed how to synergise the Networks both within and between the two Network calls. New connections were formed and this led to future interactions such as:

  • Aligning Network activities by increased communication between coordinators
  • Inclusion of coordinators into other Networks
  • Inclusion of coordinators from other Networks to workshops and meetings of interest from the other Networks

Major Conclusions

Networks spanned all of the JPIAMR pillars and were mostly multidisciplinary.

Networks are geographically diverse, involving representatives from countries on all continents.

The gender balance of the Surveillance Networks was 70% male/30% female and for the VRI networks the balance was 75% male/25% female.

The full workshop report, including summaries of all Networks funded within both calls, can be downloaded here.