JPIAMR and French Ministry of Health to host collaborative talks between European ministries, agencies and funding bodies in the field of AMR

Sep 10th, 2015

We are pleased to announce that on 17 November 2015 in Paris, JPIAMR and the French Ministry of Health is organising an Intergovernmental Workshop in the area of antimicrobial resistance (AMR). At the workshop, invited representatives from ministries, agencies, and funding bodies will come together to:

  • understand the remit of ministries and agencies toward AMR,
  • discuss ways to add value to new and existing programmes of work through cooperation and coordination within and between countries and,
  • discuss the challenges associated with transnational funding.

In most countries, multiple ministries and agencies are involved in the area of AMR with different funding mechanisms and scientific remits. In order to bring these ministries and agencies together to discuss the problem of AMR, the French ministry of health and JPIAMR are jointly organising this innovative workshop to discuss, support, and strengthen alignment within and between countries.