Joint Programming Initiative on Antimicrobial Resistance

International Research Alliance for Antibiotic Discovery and Development (IRAADD)

Network coordinator: Rolf Müller, Helmholtz Institute for Pharmaceutical Research Saarland, Germany

Summary of the Network

The IRAADD Network aims to promote and expedite translational science in the early stages of novel antibiotic discovery and lead candidate development. The areas of research we would like to leverage towards application will include hit identification and hit-to-lead programmes, aiming at novel preclinical candidate nominations. These initial stages of drug development are essential to find and validate novel drug candidates, which are effective to fight AMR. However, such early-stage projects are mainly embedded within the academic sector and are greatly underfunded. Partnering with external funders, e.g. from pharmaceutical industry, is in most scenarios only realistic after nomination of preclinical lead candidates, which most often cannot be achieved by academic funding and infrastructures alone.

IRAADD will also work on developing strategies for an increased awareness of the need for novel antimicrobial therapeutics mainly within the public sector in order to enhance chances of sustainable funding for the initial phases of anti-infective drug development. Several global health organisations and public-private partnerships (PPPs) do currently address this gap, but still fail to help academic researchers to efficiently translate their findings into novel and useful therapeutic products. Thus, IRAADD will devise blueprints together with stakeholders in industry and politics that shall serve as a guidance how to overcome this severe funding problem, which would be a big step forward to boost the production of new antibiotics and to improve the global situation of spreading AMR. These aims are also in line with the current “One Health Action Plan against Antimicrobial Resistance”, introduced by the European Commission, which explicitly demands for the implementation and support of “research into the development of new antimicrobials” and the establishment of sustainable research networks in this area.

Network composition

Expected outputs of the Network

  • Blueprints on research Hub for antibiotic discovery and development
  • Cooperative research platform (open access data + confidential data)
  • Partnerships
  • Final grant report


JPIAMR Priority topics: Therapeutics, Interventions

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