Health leaders join forces in an AMR ‘Call to Action’

May 26th, 2015

Ministers of Health and health leaders from the WHO regions gathered at the World Health Assembly on 19 May in Geneva to sign a ‘Call to Action’ on antimicrobial resistance. By forming an ‘Alliance of Champions’, 14 countries signed up to promote political awareness, engagement and leadership on antimicrobial resistance among Heads of State, ministers and global leaders.

“The increase in awareness and discussion on antimicrobial resistance in recent times demonstrate that the world is waking up to the severity of this global problem. We must work together to combat AMR. JPIAMR, with its national research funding organisation members welcome this ‘Call to Action’ as greater world wide activity will also highlight the importance of innovative research to solve the problem of AMR,” said Mats Ulfendahl, Chair of JPIAMR’s Management Board.

JPIAMR works to align international research resources and to mobilise multi-national initiatives to come up with innovative approaches to combat AMR.

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Call to action  on May 19 2015