First ever call on Transmission Dynamics Open

Jan 18th, 2016

“To unravel the dynamics of transmission and selection of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) at genetic, bacterial, animal, human, societal, and environmental levels, in order to design and evaluate preventive and intervening measures for controlling resistance.” This is the topic of JPIAMR’s 3rd call for research proposals which opened on 18 January 2016. It is the first ever call on transmission dynamics. Research in this field is neglected, a fact which was demonstrated by JPIAMR’s research mapping across 19 countries from 2007-2013 which showed that only 9% of the total amount of research funding in this period had gone to projects within the field of transmission.

In this call, JPIAMR has joined forces with the European Commission under the ERA-NET Co-fund scheme to generate a total fund of over 24 million euro (for all participating countries) with a 6-million-euro European Commission “topping up” fund.

The main aim of the third joint call is to combine the resources, infrastructures, and research strengths of multiple countries in order to address transmission of antibiotic resistance following a ‘One Health Approach’. The goal is to foster multinational research collaborations to add value to and to build upon the research conducted independently at national level and to work together to improve the control of resistant bacterial infections of clinical and/or veterinary importance only.

The call is conducted simultaneously by 22 participating funding organisations from 17 JPIAMR member countries, Portugal and Latvia, and coordinated centrally, with a single proposal submission and peer review system. The call has a two-step procedure, with a first stage (pre-proposal submission) from which selected applicants will be invited to submit a full proposal. Applications are invited from collaborative consortia of researchers from participating countries according to JPIAMR and national eligibility criteria (see Call text and Specific regulations below). Under Horizon 2020, the European Commission is providing additional funding to ‘top up’ the funding that is being made available through national/regional funding organisations.

Deadline: The pre-proposal submission deadline is 17:00 (C.E.T) on the 21st of March, 2016.

More information and how to submit your application.