FAO adopts resolution on antimicrobial resistance

Sep 18th, 2015

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) adopted a resolution on antimicrobial resistance and the use of antibiotics in animals in June 2015. The resolution calls upon FAO to ensure that the organisation is actively engaged and coordinated in promoting the work on combating AMR and to strengthen the tripartite collaboration between FAO, WHO and OIE to combat AMR in the spirit of a One Health Approach. Strongly supporting the ongoing work of FAO to assess the evidence of antimicrobial resistance in food and agriculture systems, identify knowledge gaps and provide recommendations for effectively combating AMR, the Resolution further requests FAO to actively support and provide capacity building as appropriate in those areas pertinent to combating AMR and to support implementation of the Global Action Plan on AMR.

JPIAMR warmly welcomes this Resolution and FAO’s commitment to the One Health approach.



More information on the FAO’s resolution and its work on antimicrobial resistance can be found here.