Microbial Bioinformatics Hackathon

Oct 11, 2021 15:00 - Oct 13, 2021 19:00

Together with the Public Health Alliance for Genomic Epidemiology (PHA4GE) and CLIMB-BIG-DATA, we are organising the 7th Microbial Bioinformatics Hackathon with a special focus on Antimicrobial Resistance.

Superbugs are here, now, and are increasing. Antimicrobial resistance is a critical universal issue and scientists need reliable, fast, reproducible tools for their research. The aim of this hackathon is to improve upon/build/extend bioinformatics tools and methods for the AMR community. This year’s hackathon has a special focus on antimicrobial resistance in bacteria.

We want to bring together international bioinformatics researchers, scientists and clinicians to collaborate and solve common problems that impact our community, as pathogens know no borders.

Are you interested in participating in the hackathon?

There are 30 places available to attend this special interest group. If oversubscribed, selection will be necessary. At a minimum participants will be expected to know in advance how to use the Linux command line, have a good working knowledge of AMR, and have an understanding of genomics. Do you want to participate?

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Many international collaborations, software applications and papers have spawned from the previous hackathons.

Oct 11, 2021 15:00
Oct 13, 2021 19:00
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