Joint Programming Initiative on Antimicrobial Resistance

inCreasing cOmmunicatioN, awareNEss and data sharing in a global approaCh against resisTance (CONNECT)

Network coordinator: Nicola Petrosillo, National Institute for Infectious Diseases, Italy

Summary of the Network

The CONNECT Network output will contribute to the development of the JPIAMR VRI by sharing values on solving problems through core business activities of research on JPIAMR in a One Health approach, and by providing also an opportunity for stakeholders to come together around a common set of goals, share their lesson learned and identify synergic work and each single effectively contribute to the research (collective impact).

Recognising the complexity and scale of AMR must be emphasised by the amount of resources needed to address them and the limits of available resources and organisational capacity of governments, civil society, and philanthropy/charities. Through partnerships, resources across sectors have the potential to complement one another and create more effective and sustained change. To have meaningful and sustainable impact, community engagement is needed. To develop trust, institutions and communities in the Network should be involved in design and implementation of research.

Developing Member interoperability is expected to contribute to a strong and coherent globally connected effort based on exchange data, information, services, and/or outputs, align their activities, policies and procedures and effectively operate together. As an ultimate goal, the platform will encourage the development of priorities on strategic focuses, the engagement of brains thinking of out of the box innovative solutions, and will represent the virtual and unique point for governing the research in Europe on the fight against AMR on a One Health approach.

The main objective of CONNECT, in collaboration with the entire JPIAMR-VRI project, will be to identify priorities on the research in the field of AMR, in a One Health approach, in Europe through the creation of a platform that will allow knowledge, resource, findings, database exchange, and connection between researches.

Network composition

Expected outputs of the Network

  • Mapping current research programs, studies, databases via questionnaires to assess heterogeneity and identify gaps in order to establish governance proposal through different work packages
  • Virtual platform to share a variety of information on AMR research and exchange programmes
  • Blueprints on the structure of connecting within the JPIAMR-VRI
  • Final grant report


JPIAMR priority topics: Surveillance, Transmission, Diagnostics