Joint Programming Initiative on Antimicrobial Resistance

Antimicrobial Resistance in Intensive Care (AMRIC)

Network coordinator: Srinivas Murthy, University of British Columbia, Canada

Summary of the Network

The primary objective of the proposed Network is to establish a platform for global data sharing for acute and critical care environments to determine the impact of antimicrobial resistance. The planned operations will be to initially coordinate the Network contributors to develop and pilot the relevant research tools to develop:

  1. Case report forms and a corresponding data dictionary;
  2. An electronic database embedded within ACCESS-MAPS;
  3. A global catalogue of potential sites for ongoing data collection;
  4. A data sharing framework and agreements with individual sites.

The Network will subsequently function electronically, with communication via email and routine tele-conferencing. Data on microbiology lab capabilities will be collected simultaneously through ACCESS-MAPS, which will serve a dual purpose of establishing a cadre of motivated investigators who would be willing to collect further data for these purposes. This novel approach, using the JPIAMR-VRI Network to facilitate engagement, the ACCESS-MAPS initiative to spearhead data collection, and the InFACT collaboration to engage the larger community, allows for a multi-faceted approach to a complex problem.

Network composition

Expected outputs of the Network

  • Expected outputs of the Network
  • Case report forms
  • Data dictionaries and protocols for standardised data collection
  • Electronic database (ACCESS-MAPS)
  • Global catalogue of potential sites for ongoing data collection
  • Pilot platform (microbiologic, clinical, and ICU, patient and hospital-specific data)
  • Final grant report


JPIAMR priority topics: Surveillance, Diagnostics