Joint Programming Initiative on Antimicrobial Resistance

AMR Research Infrastructure dashboards

JPIAMR launched interactive dashboards to provide an overview of AMR specific collections of biological materials, databases and research infrastructure services. This will contribute to improving findability, reusability and sustainability of resources and services for the AMR research community.

JPIAMR, in collaboration with the IMI-consortium VALUE-Dx, has collected information through a survey on existing resources and services that are relevant for AMR research from all the One Health domains: human, animal and environment. JPIAMR translated this overview into an interactive dashboard, which is now published and provided in the link below:

The overview is further elaborated in the following categories with detailed information in three separate dashboards:

A comprehensive report on the results of the survey that forms the basis of the different dashboards is also available here: Antimicrobial Resistance Survey – A survey about collections of biological material, databases and services relevant for AMR research (pdf 2 MB). The report includes details of the classification of the categories and the definitions of various terminologies used in the dashboards.

Please contact if you wish to provide and/or receive detailed information about the datasets.


Other relevant Research Infrastructure platforms

To date, a number of research infrastructure platforms are available, some of which provide information about biological and biomedical resources and service. An overview is listed below.

General Research Infrastructure for biomedical research

Research Infrastructure dedicated to microbiology research