Joint Programming Initiative on Antimicrobial Resistance

Research Infrastructure

Since 2011 the Joint Programming Initiative on Antimicrobial Resistance, JPI AMR (, aims to develop integrated approaches to pursue unique world-class research in the AMR-field. It strives to promote open-access to data, research results, and materials. Furthermore, JPI AMR aims to reduce research duplication, enhance coordination of research efforts, and advance collaboration between parties, e.g. between scientists and Research Infrastructures (RIs).

Research infrastructures related activities within JPIAMR:

  • Spring 2015: survey on AMR related research infrastructures.
  • The aim of this survey was to find out the needs and wishes of the AMR research community for the workshop in autumn 2015. Knowledge of and use of RI’s is scattered.
  • Autumn 2015: survey on amounts of strains and samples collected in research funded by the Framework Programmes.
  • Collections of sometimes over 10.000 samples or strains are collected in European funded research. Sharing of those strains and of data within the consortium is quite often arranged. Sharing outside the consortium is often not arranged.
  • October 28, 2015: Strategy meeting on Research Infrastructures, data sharing and data re-use
  • Invited specialists in AMR research and specialists in Research Infrastructures discussed the barriers of sharing strains, samples and data.
    A report from the discussions with recommendations  for JPIAMR was prepared Download the report.
  • January 25-26, 2016: first Medical Infrastructures/Users Forum (MIUF) meeting organized by ECRIN.

JPIAMR participates and aims to make AMR a recognizable part of actions undertaken by this platform.