Spain is represented in the JPIAMR by the National Institute of Health Carlos III (Instituto de Salud Carlos III/ISCIII) and the Directorate General for Scientific and Technical Research of the Ministry of Economy and Competiveness (MINECO).

ISCIII is the main funding agency for health research, especially for translational and clinical research. ISCIII programmes include funding for projects, research networks (based on public hospitals, public health institutions and public research institutions), thematic research foundations and human resources. MINECO is the main funding organization for basic and applied research in several related disciplines including Biomedicine, Molecular Biology, Life Sciences, Biotechnology, and Agriculture.

National AMR research program and activities

National AMR Research programs

  • Annual Call for RDI Projects ”Research Challenges” (AEI)
  • Annual Call for Health Research Projects under the Health Research and Development Strategy (ISCIII)
  • The Network Centre for Biomedical Research (CIBER) has created a new Programme for Infectious Diseases
  • The Spanish Agency for Medicinal Products, under the Ministry of Health, is responsible for the AMR programme. The Ministry of Health has a new programme for infectious disease, including some aspects on AMR.
  • Annual reports on surveillance information are published.

National AMR research calls

  • No specific AMR research calls except for JPI-EC-AMR calls (ISCIII participated in all calls launched till now)
  • National calls are bottom-up calls on life sciences (AEI) and Health Research (ISCIII)

Activities on AMR actions at national level

National AMR action plans

Management Board representatives

  • Tomás López-Peña, Instituto de Salud Carlos III
  • Jesús M. Santz, Spanish National Research Agency (AEI)