Israel is represented in JPIAMR by the Israeli Ministry of Health (MOH).

The Chief Scientist Office (CSO) of Israeli Ministry of Health (MOH), through its Medical Research Administration, is a pivotal organization in Israel for managing and funding of bio-medical and medical research.

The strategic approach of CSO-MOH is to support investigator-initiated (bottom-up) research projects performed in hospitals, universities and research institutes.

Grant requests sent in response to public Calls for Applications issued by the Research Fund, are peer-reviewed in various research disciplines review committees (Study Sections). Funding of feasibility studies and fellowships to Physicians-Researchers is also available. CSO-MOH is also mandated to regulate animal experimentation, genetic human experimentation and homeland security aspects of biomedical research in Israel. The national councils on Stem Cells research and on Bioethics are also under CSO-MOH jurisdiction.

Besides JPIAMR, CSO-MOH is a partner organization in JPND and in several ERA-NET projects (NEURON II, EuroNanoMed II, Infect-ERA, E-RARE II, TRANSCAN, SIINN and CASyM).

National AMR research program and activities

AMR Research program

  • National center for infection control and antibiotic resistance Israel

National AMR research calls

  • JPIAMR Transnational Call 2018 – Innovations against antibiotic-resistant bacteria: new targets, compounds and tools
  • JPIAMR Transnational Call 2019 – Diagnostics and Surveillance of Antimicrobial Resistanc
  • The Chief Scientist office Call 2019 – Translational medical research for disease preventio
  • Aquatic pollutants joint transnational call 2020 – Combining the research areas of contaminants of emerging concerns (CECs), pathogens and antimicrobial resistance

Activities on AMR actions at national level

  • The National center for Infection control and Antibiotic Resistance: The Israeli Ministry of health and Ministry of agriculture organized a conference on “Agriculture-Human AMR: One Health approach”, November 2018 and also November 2019
  • The Chief Scientist office, Israeli Ministry of Health organized a conference on The Post Antibiotic era is here now what? Development of alternatives to antibiotics and dealing with AMR, September 2019

National action plans

  • National program aimed to reduce transfer of infections in hospitals and reduce misuse of antibiotics in both hospitals and in the community, 2018-2019 and part of ongoing activity

Management Board representative

  • Irit Allon, Ministry of Health
  • Avi Israeli, Ministry of Health