Joint Programming Initiative on Antimicrobial Resistance

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AMR research projects

JPIAMR is utilising the organised dataset on AMR research landscape from the 2017 mapping and developed a searchable dashboard with tools allowing visual analysis of the dataset collected. It serves as a resource for the scientific community, funders, policy makers and others to gain insight into the scale and scope of publicly funded AMR research in member countries of JPIAMR.

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Scientific articles

The publications from the projects supported under the JPIAMR framework involve insights to the diverse aspects of AMR including transmission, therapeutics, environmental reservoirs of microbes and resistance genes as well as technological platforms and policy papers.

List of publications where JPIAMR has been acknowledged to support the researchers via grants.

Available Research Infrastructure relevant to AMR

Mapping research infrastructure under the JPIAMR banner aims to harmonise resources and enhance coordination of research efforts that could be used for translational research, clinical care, personalised medicine and maximise public health benefits. The existing AMR research infrastructure within the member states are listed here to coordinate the databases and biobanks and will ensure effective interchange of valid information and samples.

Table of existing AMR relevant research infrastructure platforms.

Research Policy

Most JPIAMR member countries have a national strategy, policy or guidelines for antimicrobial resistance or are in the process of developing one. Many of those currently developing their agendas take account of the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda that provides a strong basis for relevant information.

Overview of National AMR Plans and Research Programs.

Funding opportunities available

Listed below are a comprehensive list of funding possibilities within the field of AMR research:

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