Joint Programming Initiative on Antimicrobial Resistance

Zoubiane Ghada

Ghada Zoubiane

I have been working at MRC as a programme manager for 7 years; initially in Public Health Partnerships and currently for the Infections and Immunity Board. A major part of both roles was my involvement in multiple multi-funders initiatives leading on strategic discussions with governmental bodies, charities, academics, policy makers, and other stakeholders.

I am currently leading on antimicrobial resistance amongst other research priorities (HIV/AIDS; Influenza; Transmission and control of infectious agents; Healthcare acquired infections; sexually transmitted diseases).

AMR is a top priority for the MRC and the UK. I have played a central role in setting up a UK-wide AMR Funders Forum (more than 16 UK funders) to support aligning activities on a national level. I am the lead on the UK AMR Cross Council Initiative that was launched in 2014 with a growing budget of £30m to support multidisciplinary research to tackle AMR. In addition, I lead the strategic discussions on AMR with our international partners which has led to the joint funding of research with China and India. This experience provides me with the knowledge and contacts within the UK and beyond to support the JPIAMR mission and raise its profile nationally and internationally.