Joint Programming Initiative on Antimicrobial Resistance

External communication and dissemination


The overall aim of this work package is to develop a strategy and platform for communication and dissemination in order to support the other WPs and the long-term goals of the JPIAMR. The target group will include national and international policy makers, the scientific community, health care providers and the general public.
Specific objectives:

  • To develop an external communications strategy
  • To develop tools for dissemination, e.g. website, a newsletter, information material
  • To arrange public relations activities, e.g. events for media and politicians
  • To organize conferences on themes of strategic relevance to the JPIAMR
  • To explore social media technologies

Description of work and role of partners

The work package will be managed in close collaboration with other WPs and JPI activities. The focus is on
external communications and dissemination (internal communication is handled within WP1). Public relations
activities as well as internet and social media tools will be significant elements of this work package.

Task 2.1 Development and implementation of an external communication strategy
(M1 to M12) (Task leader: SRC)

This task is aimed at defining the communication and outreach needs of JPIAMR and the CSA and will thus
require close collaboration with the other work packages. In collaboration with WP5, the strategy work will
include identifying the relevant target groups and the most suitable means of communication for specific parts of the JPIAMR activities. WP2 will provide technical support for this work. Implementation will use tools such as a dedicated website, conferences, newsletters, and information materials. In order to present JPIAMR in a uniform way, this task will also include developing a JPIAMR graphic profile consisting of a logo and a publication and presentation layout.

Task 2.2 Development and management of a web-based platform
(M1 to M36) (Task leader: SRC)

An initial basic website will be established shortly after the beginning of the CSA. This website will be further
developed into a web-based platform designed for external communication and dissemination.This will include
providing public access to JPIAMR documents such as the Vision Document, the SRA, reports, presentations,
brochures and flyers as well as published electronic newsletters. The web-based platform will also contain an
intranet part with access rights limited to the CSA consortium, the Commission and the different governing
bodies of the JPI.

Task 2.3 Publishing a JPIAMR Newsletter and information material
(M1 to M36) (Task leader: CSO-MOH)

Newsletters will be published in order to more actively disseminate information on the JPIAMR main
achievements to target groups. The newsletters will be used to communicate, for example, JPIAMR
activities, meetings, announcements and results of joint calls, and information on projects initiated through
joint programming. They will be issued regularly and posted on the website as well as emailed to a list of
stakeholders (developed in collaboration with WP5). Furthermore, an information brochure presenting the
JPIAMR and its achievements will be prepared for policy makers. The document will be disseminated using both printed and electronic means.

Task 2.4 Launching public relations activities
(M1 to 36) (Task leader: SRC; Contributors: NASR)

To promote the JPIAMR to society and selected stakeholders and policy-makers, special events will be arranged. This could include breakfast meetings, small workshops and seminars. The aim is to establish and
extend contacts at a more personal level to facilitate direct interaction and feedback. At least two breakfast
meetings will be arranged in Brussels in order to reach EU politicians and EC decision makers. Of special
interest is also to reach media. For this purpose, press releases will be communicated through professional
wire-nets which have a large scale connecting links. A specific meeting with members of the media will also be

Task 2.5 Organising conferences for launching of CSA activities
(M15 to M20 and M31 to M36) (Task leader: SRC; Contributors: JÜLICH, ZonMw, ISCIII)

In addition to the public relations activities described in Task 2.4, the CSA work will include at least two
conferences focusing on specific themes within the JPIAMR. The first conference is foreseen to be in
conjunction with the launch of the final SRA and will predominantly concern policy makers and stakeholders. The second conference will be more aimed at scientists in the field and will launch the first activities of the SRA. The conferences would also aim to bring together stakeholders from different sectors, such as healthcare, industry, scientists and policy-makers.

Task 2.6: Exploring social media technologies as means to reach the general public
(M1 to M36) (Task Leader: CSO-MOH)

In addition to the more traditional tools for communication, this task will explore to what extent new types of
social media can be used for communication with the general public, for example collaborative projects, blogs
and microblogs (e.g. Twitter), content communities (e.g. YouTube), and social networking sites (e.g. Facebook). The aim is to create tools to disseminate information on antimicrobial resistance to the general public in order to provide a long-term support for JPIAMR. More specific examples could be to produce short video clips on antimicrobial resistance for YouTube, or a Facebook page displaying the outcomes of the JPI, links to the JPIAMR webpage, press releases and other announcements.