Joint Programming Initiative on Antimicrobial Resistance


The Vision

JPIAMR Vision Document

In the next fifteen years, a significant number of Member States and Associated Countries will have built a European Research Area in the field of Antimicrobial Resistance. The coordination of the best European research resources and capabilities will form the necessary critical mass and develop the most advanced scientific approaches to tackle the problem of antimicrobial resistance, reverting its increasing trend, and leading to the sustainable use of antibiotics and treatments for infectious diseases. At the end of this period, there will be scientific evidence on how to achieve a balance between resistance and effective treatments, a balance that is sustainable in time and achieved at the lowest possible level of resistance and most importantly, multidrug resistance (MDR).

The global and multifaceted problem of antimicrobial resistance will demand vast and versatile solutions. A comprehensive solution to the problem requires measures from many sectors of society – policy makers, health care, education, industry, environmental agencies, agriculture, veterinary medicine, research, and other areas. The Joint Programming Initiative cannot address all aspects of the problem, but may show a way forward by producing new research and creating networks that can create long-term momentum for other areas in society.

The JPI Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) is proposed based on the assumption that AMR needs a systems and ecologic approach, because AMR will not disappear. The JPI AMR will enable Europeans to maintain the problem at an affordable level, at the lowest possible cost. The JPI aims at several interdependent goals:

  • Find routes for novel antibiotics and new anti-infectious strategies.
  • Scientifically validate means to increase the number of patients treated early with the appropriate antimicrobial.
  • Provide scientific evidence on ways to reduce the spread of resistant strains.
  • Provide scientific evidence on strategies to reduce the number of patients with resistant or MDR strains, at any level of antibiotic consumption.
  • Reduce the consumption of antibiotics.

The Mission

The mission of the JPI AMR is to develop scientific proposals for a sustainable use of antibiotics to treat infectious diseases in Europe, and for a decrease in the number of patients with resistant infections. To do so, AMR will achieve a European Research Area in the field of antimicrobial resistance, coordinating the best resources and capabilities for this common purpose.

JPI AMR will define a Strategic Research Agenda with three scientific areas:

  •  Biology and dynamics of resistance
  • Prevention of resistance and innovation of treatment options
  • Epidemiology and disease burden

An important element of the mission of JPI AMR will be to connect and collaborate with the different stakeholders involved in its mission. Apart from the research community, AMR will invite the industry to discuss their needs in terms of scientific support to stimulate their interest in the field. Health care services organizations and professionals will be invited to provide their experiences and to frame the questions to be responded by this JPI. Public administrations will provide their input on policies related to pharmaceutical treatments, patient safety, transnational collaboration in surveillance, and public health.