Joint Programming Initiative on Antimicrobial Resistance

Supported Projects

JPIAMR supports research projects and networks that enable researchers to collaborate across national and scientific borders to tackle the global challenge of antimicrobial resistance.

Click on the name of the call in the table below to see the supported projects for each call.

Research spotlights from supported projects within the 1st JPIAMR Joint call, “InnovaResistance” are available here:

YearFunding schemeCall name Priority topicsSupported projectsSupported researchersTotal investment

2015ProjectsRepurposing Neglected AntibioticsTherapeutics3174.6
2016ProjectsTransmission and Selection of Resistance in Humans, Animals, and the Environment (ERAnet Cofund)Transmission
(One Health)
1911828.2 + EC contribution
2016NetworksAMR NetworksAll132790.65
2017ProjectsComparison of prevention, control and intervention strategies for AMR infections through multidisciplinary studies, including One Health approachesInterventions
(One Health)
2018ProjectsTherapeutics: New targets, compounds and toolsTherapeutics104812.8
2018Networks2018 Network Call on SurveillanceSurveillance102150.6
2018NetworksJPIAMR-VRI Network Call 2018All82090.5
2019ProjectsDiagostics and Surveillance 2019Diagnostics, Surveillance125512,1
2020NetworksNetwork Plus 2020All71460,74
Total99122179,79 (M€)