Poland is represented in JPIAMR by the National Medicines Institute and the Polish Academy of Science.

Similarly to other European countries, Poland is also significantly affected by the burden of infectious diseases and threatened by increasing resistance to antibacterials with the key role in the therapy. Alert resistance in bacteria is constantly monitored for the whole country through an activity of the National Reference Centre for Antimicrobial Resistance and the National Reference Centre for Bacterial Meningitis, located at the National Medicines Institute in Warsaw.

The research in the area of AMR is principally funded by two agencies, National Science Centre (NCN) and National Centre for Research and Development (NCBR) by response-mode grants.

The Ministry of Science and Higher Education represents Poland in JPIAMR and several other JPIs. Poland takes part in the CSA-CA of JPIAMR, providing in-kind contribution by delegating experts to the working meetings.

National AMR research program and activities

National AMR research calls

  • JPIAMR Joint Call on Diagnostics and Surveillance 2019
  • JPI Water, JPI Oceans and JPIAMR Joint Call on Acquatic Pollutants 2020

Activities on AMR actions at national level

  • Polish Society of Microbiologists Conferences 2019 & 2020
  • Rational Antibiotic Therapy in Prevention of Healthcare-associated Infections Conference, 2020
  • Workshop for public administration officials on hospital-acquired infections and globalisation of AMR, 2019
  • Workshops for Hospital Infection Control Teams, 2019 & 2020
  • Workshops for Antibiotic Therapy Teams, 2019 & 2020
  • Clinical Microbiology Autumn School 2020 (online) – including AMR-dedidcated sessions
  • Point Prevalence Survey of Healthcare-associated Infections and Antimicrobial Use, 2020 with over 160 participating healthcare units
  • European Antibiotic Awareness Day, 2019 – featuring 2 symposia and an Experts’ Forum on AMR
  • European Antibiotic Awareness Day, 2020


National action plans

National Programme for the Protection of Antibiotics 2016-2020 (Ministry of Health, 2016, in Polish)


Management Board representatives

  • Tadeusz Bednarczyk, Ministry of Education and Science
  • Jolanta Palowska, National Science Centre Poland