International Research Alliance for Antibiotic Discovery and Development (IRAADD)



The IRAADD network includes internationally renowned groups with excellent records of accomplishment in AMR research focussing on early stages of antibiotic discovery and development.

Ongoing project

This expert team will include natural products researchers, medical microbiologists, bioinformaticians, medicinal chemists and target-based drug designers, as well advisory partners from global alliances focussing on antibiotic development such as DNDi/GARDP and IMI-ENABLE. The partners of the network will set up a cooperative platform that will allow the sharing of scientific research data, translational knowledge and expert advice for the strategic development of new and advanced projects with the aim to take collaborative scientific research in the early stages of antibiotics discovery and development to a new level. IRAADD believes that such an integrative research network with international outreach will be an important step forward to close the gap in translational drug development, which has been lasting for several decades. IRAADD will represent a consortium of leaders from academia and other sectors who will actively address the worldwide concern of spreading AMR.

While this crisis is steadily expanding, research and development of novel antibiotics is inhibited because of underfinanced discovery and development projects prior to the preclinical trial phase, which are essential to provide new and innovative antibiotics for saving patient lives today and in future. In addition, there is currently no network available to leverage the ideas and projects of academic groups, which typically do not move forward towards application. Thus, our initiative aligns with the current “One Health Action Plan against Antimicrobial Resistance” introduced by the European Commission, which explicitly demands the implementation and support of “research into the development of new antimicrobials” and the establishment of sustainable research networks in this area. However, IRAADD strongly believes that the current situation and available institutions do not efficiently allow for a coordination and coaching especially of academic partners regarding translation of urgently required research on novel antibiotics into clinical use.

Network partners

  • Rolf Müller, Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research, Germany (Coordinator)

This network includes 37 partners, please click on the following link to see complete network composition: Network composition International Research Alliance for Antibiotic Discovery and Development (IRAADD)