COMplex Biofilms and AMR Transmission (COMBAT)





Antimicrobial resistant microorganisms are difficult to treat and lead to increased death and treatment costs.

Antibiotic resistance is recognised as a critical threat in both human and animal medicine. Addressing this threat can be challenging when bacteria exist in complicated communities called biofilms. Biofilms form naturally and allow bacteria to survive and persist in diverse environments. Surviving bacteria facilitates the spread of antibiotic resistance genes contributing to the spread of antimicrobial resistance.

The COMBAT (COMplex Biofilms and AMR Transmission) project will identify interventions that can actually control complex biofilms in three different environments, thereby decreasing the threat of antimicrobial resistance spreading. COMBAT’s approach is based on solid novel laboratory-based biofilm study but also on the application of interventions in the domestic, healthcare and animal environments, providing a direct application to control real “One Health” antibiotic resistance problem.

Project partners

  • Jean-Yves Maillard, Cardiff University, United Kingdom (Coordinator)
  • Dirk Bockmühl, Rhein-Waal-University of Applied Sciences, Germany
  • Mark Fielder, Kingston University London, United Kingdom
  • Noora Perkola, Finnish Environment Institute SYKE, Finland
  • Veljo Kisand, University of Tartu, Estonia
  • Seamus Fanning, University College Dublin, Ireland