Nanoenabled strategies to reduce the presence of contaminants of emerging concern in aquatic environment (AMROCE)



Contaminant of emerging concern (CECs) such as antibiotics, pathogens and antimicrobial resistant (AMR) bacteria in water bodiesassociated to intensive fish and inland animal farming, represent a great threat to the environment and human health.

Ongoing project

AMROCE aims at reducing antibiotic pollution and spread of AMR bacteria in the entire water cycle through a platform of novel antibiotic-free antimicrobial products. AMROCE will develop antimicrobial/antibiofilm fish cage nets and wastewater filtration membranes through polymer bulk and surface nano-engineering. Marine-derived antimicrobial agents and antibiofilm enzymes will be nano-formulated as alternative to antibiotics for fish and animal feed supplement. Human and environmental nanosafety during the manufacturing and use of the novel nanotechnology-embedded products will be continuously evaluated to anticipate nanosafety issues.

Project partners

  • Tzanko Tzanov, Universitat Polit├Ęcnica de Catalunya, Spain (Coordinator)
  • Tommi Vuorinen, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd, Finland
  • Konstantinos Komnitsas, Technical University Crete, Greece
  • Aharon Gedanken, BIU-Faculty of Exact Science, Israel
  • Paride Mantecca,University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy
  • Massimo Perucca, Project sas, Italy
  • Rasa Slizyte, SINTEF, Norway
  • Maciej Szwast, Polymemtech, Poland