Joint Programming Initiative on Antimicrobial Resistance

Why a Virtual Research Institute on AMR?

The rising threat of AMR urgently requires a holistic and multisectoral, multi-disciplinary approach, and that AMR is a multifaceted issue that cannot be addressed by any one solution nor that any one country can resolve it on its own.

Since its inception, JPIAMR has been addressing the issues of AMR by increasing coordination and support of the AMR research Agenda through the various joint funding opportunities. In its most recent plan, the European Commission asserts their support to both JPIAMR and to the establishment of the JPIAMR-VRI to promote alignment of national and European strategies with its SRA.
The JPIAMR recognizes that urgent action is needed to strengthen research collaboration, coordination, sharing of knowledge, data and other resources, amongst different sectors and geographies from around the world to address the recommendations of the United Nations IACG.

These recently published IACG Draft Recommendations state that “current efforts to support research into and development of new antimicrobials, diagnostics, vaccines, waste management tools, and safe and effective alternatives to antimicrobials across the One Health spectrum remain inadequate and need to be intensified with sustained investment and increased scientific engagement and collaboration”. Within the same document the IACG independently called upon research funders to:

  • Undertake coordinated global mapping of research and development activities and funding to address antimicrobial resistance;
  • Establish and maintain a platform for sharing information on research and compounds in development in both ongoing and completed research and development activities;
  • Promote synergies and opportunities for collaboration among funders and researchers in human, animal and plant health, and the environment; and
  • Promote openness and transparency in data from all research and monitoring and surveillance sources.

It exists a plethora of initiatives at the global level when it comes to AMR. However, JPIAMR opted to respond to these IACG recommendations by not only delivering a coordinated global mapping of research and funding activities but also by adding, since 2016, a new ammunition in this fight has it embarked on the development of the JPIAMR-VRI as one of its key activities. JPIAMR is currently setting the foundational pieces of the JPIAMR-VRI with its first funded Networks (see Achievements to date section).