Joint Programming Initiative on Antimicrobial Resistance

The JPIAMR-VRI Key Principles

  • To provide a virtual corridor facilitating the generation of scientific evidence to develop public policy and guidelines, and translation into practice.
  • To facilitate and provide a platform for AMR researchers to communicate and coordinate research and other activities
  • To reduce the duplication of efforts and leverage and synergise global efforts.
  • To have a strong international outreach to the numerous AMR Research Community Stakeholders through the member states of the JPIAMR.
  • To be able to mobilise new and existing resources through the JPIAMR.
  • To cover all essential areas of One-Health, amalgamating different sectors, research areas, professional expertise.
  • To address AMR as a global issue considering the needs and requirements of the AMR community in different geographical locations with various resources availabilities.
  • To foster multinational research collaborations to add value to and to build upon the research conducted independently at national level.

The JPIAMR-VRI is not a funding instrument in itself but will be eligible for JPIAMR funding programmes. It is not to be seen as an added infrastructure to existing country specific ones.