Joint Programming Initiative on Antimicrobial Resistance


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Management Board Meeting in Brussels on February 26, 2018.

Presentations and documents:


Item 3_Chairmanship and ToR_Laura Marin

Item 5_JPIAMR Secretariat Update_Laura Marin

Item 6_Presentation new member_South Korea_Jaesung Kim

Item 7_Mapping AMR_Maria Starborg

Item 8_SRiA update_Laura Piddock_Linda van Gaalen

Item 9_VRI_Edith Brochu_v2

Item 10.1_Wellcome Trust

Item 10.3_Global AMR Hub_Joachim Klein

Item 11.1_11.2_Core Call Group_JPIAMR Surveillance Call_Maria Starborg

Item 11.2_JPIAMR Therapeutics call_Martine BATOUX

Item 11.4_Call on LMIC by developing agencies_Maria Teresa Bejarano

Item 11.5_Call topic 2019_Laura Plant

Item 12.1_Globalisation_Barbara Junker

Item 12.2_Policy Alignment_Karin Schmekel

Item 12.3_Research Infrastructures_Margreet Bloemers

Item 12.4_Industry_Jonathan Pearce


JPIAMR – GloPID-R Joint Meeting in Brussels on February 27, 2018.


1. GloPID-R: Objectives, governance, activities, prioritiesLine Matthiessen

2. JPIAMR: Objectives, governance, activities, prioritie, Carlos Segovia

3. Shared challenges of AMR and emerging infectious diseasesHerman Goossens (University of Antwerp) 

4. JPIAMR’s virtual research institut, Marc Ouellette (CIHR) and Laura Marin (JPIAMR Secretariat)

5. GloPID-R work on clinical trials (including the role of social sciences)Gail Carson (GloPID-R Secretariat)

6. Strategic research agendas

7. GloPID-R work to establish an international network of social sciences research centers on global governance in preparedness for and response to infectious threatsSteven Hoffman and Marc Ouellette (CIHR)

8. How to engage with industry?

9. How to become global and to engage with low and middle income countries?


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