Joint Programming Initiative on Antimicrobial Resistance

Intergovernmental Workshop

On 17 November 2015 in Paris, JPIAMR and the French Ministry of Health is organising an Intergovernmental Workshop  in the area of antimicrobial resistance (AMR). At the workshop, invited representatives from ministries, agencies, and funding bodies will come together to:

  • understand the remit of ministries and agencies toward AMR,
  • discuss ways to add value to new and existing programmes of work through cooperation and coordination within and between countries and,
  • discuss the challenges associated with transnational funding.

In most countries, multiple ministries and agencies are involved in the area of AMR with different funding mechanisms and scientific remits. In order to bring these ministries and agencies together to discuss AMR, the French ministry of health and JPIAMR are jointly organising this innovative workshop  to discuss, support, and strengthen alignment within and between countries. Session 1: Introduction and presentation of JPI-AMR 10.00h-10.30h

  • Welcome (Laurent Gutmann, Inserm, France)
  • Views from the Chair of the Management Board (Mats Ulfendahl, JPIAMR MB Chair, Swedish Research Council, Sweden)
    • Presentation of the national policies survey landscape
  • Research objectives and the Strategic Research Agenda (Herman Goossens, JPIAMR SAB Chair, University of Antwerp, Beligum)

Session 2: The setting of the AMR research and intergovernmental relation of the agencies on the subject in different countries involved in the JPI-AMR, policies and programmes 10.30h-12h Presentation of heterogeneity in different countries:

  • How health policy and research policy on AMR from clinical to environment is organised in your country?
  • The French situation (Jean François Delfraissy, Director of the French infectious and microbiology institute)
  • The UK situation (TBD)
  • The German situation (TBD)
  • The Netherlands situation (TBD)
  • Rapid tour the table on the subject by the other representatives

Lunch 12h-13h  Session 3: Discussion on AMR problems experience and propositions of the different participants 13h-14.30h

  • One Health perspective: governmental bodies with AMR interest (human, animal, environment) can we make it more coherent in the JPI-AMR taking in account the national ambitions?
  • Moderator: Mats Ulfendahl, Sweden
  • What are the possibilities to make more coherent programs between agencies or ministries in each countries and between countries
  • Moderator: France (TBD)
  • What are the possibilities to have a deeper involvement on the public health authorities/ministries in JPI-AMR
  • Moderator: Spain (TBD)

Session 4: Final discussions and conclusions 14.30h-15h

  • How to cross border among AMR pillars? How do we bridge the gap?Moderator: UK (TBD)
  • What are the barriers if any to have funding from different parties for each country in the JPI-AMR if they are interested in the proposed subject of research?

Concluding remarks and key recommendations (Mats Ulfendahl, JPIAMR MB Chair, Swedish Research Council, Sweden)
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