Joint Programming Initiative on Antimicrobial Resistance

Early discovery of new Antibiotics

On 12-13 January 2017 the JPIAMR will hold a workshop under the leadership of France (ANR) on “Early Discovery of new Antibiotics” in Paris, France. The goal of this event is to:

  • Share ideas on antibiotic development between upstream and developers by bringing the PIs in projects areas of antibiotic early discovery (funded by JPIAMR and the EC) and those in clinical development in order to identify potential candidates and increase awareness of entry requirements
  • Increase awareness at early stage of entry requirements about future clinical development
  • Showcase early work on screening and identification of new targets
  • Exchange experiences and share lessons learnt.

JPIAMR aims to with this workshop to ensure that current AB funded projects are aligned with downstream requirements and to anticipate support for promising results at the end of projects by bringing together the larger funded projects in the area in Europe.

Download the workshops report here

The workshop is by invitation only.
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Practical information

Speakers presentations
Pierre-Alain Bandinelli
Erik Bacqué
Helena Bysell
Laurent Debarbieux
Aigars Jirgensons
Martin Klaas
Mariel Pikkemaat
Johan Mouton (1)
Johan Mouton (2)
Jean-Claude Sirard
Magnus Steigedal
Michel Arthur
Eric Bacqué
Pierre-Alain Bandinelli
Helena Bysell
Miguel Camara
Laurent Debarbieux
Aharon Gedanken
Aigars Jirgensons
Johan W. Mouton
Johan W. Mouton (2)
Thierry Naas
Jean-Luc Pernodet
Mariël G. Pikkemaat
Klaas Martinus
Jean-Claude Sirard
Magnus Steigedal
Nassos Typas
Jerry Wells
Mathias Winterhalter
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