Joint Programming Initiative on Antimicrobial Resistance

The discovery of new antibiotics has slowed in the last 40 years and even the very few recently developed classes of antibiotics report resistance already. The trend is seeing large pharmaceutical companies withdrawing because of the huge development costs and the lack of continuous profit as antibiotics are undervalued and under-priced compared to other drugs for chronic disease. For example, in 2004 only 1.6% of the drugs in development by the world’s fifteen largest drug companies were antibiotics.

Under the umbrella of the Strategic Research Agenda, JPIAMR, with its collaborative activities (calls, workshops, international collaboration etc) aims to:

  • Find new targets for antibiotics
  • Develop new antibiotics
  • Improve pharmakinetics and pharmacodynamics of neglected antibiotics
  • Develop treatment protocols based on combination therapy using existing and new antibiotics
  • Develop alternatives for antibiotics (vaccines)
  • Develop and study effect of policy measures and economic stimuli to minimise barriers for the development and introduction of new antibiotics