Joint Programming Initiative on Antimicrobial Resistance

Diagnostics: What’s the story?

The fact is that up to 70% of antibiotics are prescribed incorrectly. Why? Because physicians are not able to diagnose patients correctly in real-time. Improved diagnostic strategies can help identify patients and animals that really need antibiotics. In addition, reimbursements structures used by governments and health insurers need to allow for diagnostics, which is currently not always the case.

Diagnostic technologies exist but are costly and have not been developed with the current reality of health care in mind. Added to that, significant clinician, veterinarian, farmer and patient behaviour changes to use diagnostic technologies is needed rather than using and prescribing antibiotics as a fail safe.

Under the umbrella of the Strategic Research Agenda, JPIAMR, with its collaborative activities (calls, workshops, international collaboration etc) aims to:

  • Improve existing and develop new diagnostic tools:
    • that more effectively distinguish between viral and bacterial infections
    • that can promote the use of narrow spectrum antibiotics
    • for the identification of antibiotic resistance bacteria; including their resistance profile
  • Identify and remove current barriers that inhibit the acceptance of rapid diagnostic tests

JPIAMR has been active in the field of Diagnostics. On 11 May 2015, JPIAMR and MRC hosted a workshop where the topic of Diagnostics was discussed. On our workshop page you read more about it.