Joint Programming Initiative on Antimicrobial Resistance

Evaluation Policy

Monitoring and evaluation is necessary to assess if JPIAMR is able to provide relevant resources to premium research scientists so that they can deliver outstanding results to tackle challenges of AMR. This in turn will allow JPIAMR to achieve its own goals and mandates.

JPIAMR has developed an evaluation policy with the objective:

  • To implement a monitoring and evaluation strategy
  • To gather information from the different countries on the feasibility of the completion of a national AMR research projects database
  • To develop a database

JPIAMR has developed a Framework for Monitoring and Evaluation. Read the report and download.

Searchable database

JPIAMR is not only pursuing the mapping exercise to have organized data on research landscape and infrastructure but to develop a database with tools allowing visual analysis of the dataset collected. The database will thus include four interfaces/information sets: a regular update of AMR funding, monitoring of JPIAMR funded projects, mapping of AMR research infrastructures and an industry-focused dataset.

The database will be interactive, freely accessible and searchable. It will serve as a resource tool for the scientific community, funders and other interested parties to gain insight into the scale and scope of publicly funded AMR research in member countries of JPIAMR. It will also be possible to identify individual projects and programs within this database. The JPIAMR website will host the database.



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