Joint Programming Initiative on Antimicrobial Resistance

Setting the scene for a JPIAMR Virtual Research Institute, 8-9 November 2017, Berlin

JPIAMR is setting a Virtual Research Institute (VRI) as a dynamic network of AMR research facilities that will be changing the way resources are shared and used.

The VRI will constitute a platform for scientific interactions to bring everyone together and push the research priorities forward. It will provide a closer and continuous dialogue between the JPIAMR, the scientific community, industry, funders and the end users, for tackling specific large topics that require a wide collaboration.

It will work as a joint transnational research capacity builder in the AMR space as it will become an attractive hub for increased funding, as well as building the knowledge and expertise in the area.

Amongst many outcomes, the VRI will be providing information on research input and output, and

will facilitate the use of infrastructure by developing an entry-point database. The VRI will provide opportunities to the research communities to participate in a number of capacity building activities and will involve multiple research facilities globally for maximum impact.

The VRI will also encompass the SRA priorities and will take a One Health approach. 


Find a suitable model for a dynamic network of AMR research groups/institutions


  • Connect experts from the AMR field and experts with network building experience
  • Gather information about comparable/related networks and their models
  • Develop a unique selling point (USP) for the JPIAMR
  • Develop or respectively adapt a suitable model for a dynamic network of AMR research experts, institutions and stakeholders


  • Identify and define scientific AMR research gaps and infrastructural needs which could be tackled by a JPIAMR-VRI
  • Identify the added value for the scientific community, funders and policy makers
  • Define a role/niche for the JPIAMR-VRI
  • Discuss different approaches and develop a suitable design for a JPIAMR-VRI
  • Share information and experience about comparable networks/VRIs
  • Identify and discuss their positive and negative aspects with respect to the AMR research field
  • Identify AMR specific aspects to consider for a network/VRI
  • Share experience about the establishment of a network/VRI
  • Identify potential pitfalls/hurdles when establishing a network/virtual institute
  • Discuss models for sustainable financing/funding
  • Definition of a starting point for the network including the suggestions of researchers and institutions as possible founding members


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